BRV S.r.l. desires to confirm its commitment to being a benchmark for its Customers and the market, aiming to make its process integration management system compliant with the ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 standards.

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See the certificate


BRV S.r.l. considers people to be the basic, intrinsic element for the company’s growth and attainment of goals. BRV S.r.l. is committed to promoting the physical, mental and social wellness of its employees, not just preventing on-the-job injuries or professional disease. With this objective, the Management has implemented and maintains an Occupational health and safety management system (OH&S) compliant with ISO 45001:2018.

Therefore, BRV S.r.l. is committed to:

  • Guarantee that its OH&S meet the requirements of the reference regulations and guidelines;
  • Maintain compliance of the company processes to all legal and applicable requirements in terms of on-the-job health and safety;
  • Strive for continuous improvement of performance in terms of health and safety through the development of adequate human, financial and organizational resources;
  • Maintain a communication channel active for health and safety, both inside and outside the company in order to protect society and the parties involved, guaranteeing cooperation and coordination with suppliers and contractors;
  • Establish objectives and goals in line with the Company Policy and guarantee its communication on all levels of the organization and outside the company;
  • Involve and consult with employees, through their representation for safety, with the objective of defining and respecting the programs for improvement defined and to increase the commitment, at all levels of the company, in striving for the goals identified;
  • Concentrate efforts so that each worker integrates in the execution of their daily work and responsibilities, safe approaches and behaviour that contribute to completing their professional profile;
  • Maintain active the safety management system suitable for the company’s purpose, dimensions and context, for the nature of the risk and of the opportunities. Employ the necessary time and resources, and require that all regulations and standards for occupational health and safety are respected, specifically regarding the use and care for PPE supplied by the company with the possibility of fining any who do not follow the company procedures;
  • Significantly reduce the number of occupational accidents and diseases; continuously improve the system management and its performance.

The Company Policy is periodically evaluated based on new intentions of the Management and/or significant changes in the organization and constitutes a reference framework for determining the OH&S objectives.


Promote continuous improvement in the field of process and product quality, respecting the company’s specific policies for worker and environmental safety has been a part of our background since the very beginning. The Mission of BRV S.r.l. is to be a reference for our customers, guaranteeing them not only products with high quality and innovation, but continuous attention and service, which is translated into buying in the Quality system and not just the simple supply of a product. Quality is not just the attribute of a product; rather, it has a wide definition of the Company’s system and all of its applications.
This concept is employed when addressing and analyzing all aspects related to the Company, a subject that moves and becomes a complex reality, to organize and build each individual activity as best possible. Specifically, BRV S.r.l. develops and employees the following topics:

  • Product and process control, of all critical issues that are basic for each aspect of the company and that is transformed into excellent care for details during each phase of the production process.
  • The selection of Reliable, skilled suppliers, building consolidated partnerships where people are of fundamental importance. The utmost attention is given to continuous training and the safety of our employees, who are a fundamental part of the highly articulated system that is our production process striving for continuous improvement, to provide the best at all times.
  • Definition of relations standards permitting a high level of communication between the various company functions, making extremely clear the roles, responsibility and professionalism of the various employees, who live the company’s entire system in relationship to themselves and external agents (customers/suppliers).
  • Analysis and selection of investments and manufacture of new products, control of results in terms of economics and customer satisfaction, data collection for the feedback required to review the entire system.

The development of the above-indicated concepts is performed through painstaking planning and careful control of the company’s processes. Therefore, the company is committed to controlling the Corporate quality system at pre-set intervals in order to verify its adequacy.

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