The Core Business of BRV S.r.l. is the production of hot forged parts for applications in the Agricultural Industry. The tools and spare parts manufactured are used in the various phases of soil tillage, specifically for Cultivators, Subsoilers, Flail mowers, Stalk mulchers, Round bale front loaders, and Plough and Harrow parts.

Production with a single concept: Quality. This is the feature we prefer to use, not only in terms of a product but also in terms of the entire System. The enormous care given to the details during every step of the production process, the special attention given to the raw materials in their research and the definition of a strict range of alloy element analysis, as well as a heat treatment performed in a scrupulous, innovative manner, which allow us to reach very high levels of standard.

Customers, Suppliers and Employees are all part of this System of people. These people define the company and their work defines the quality standards for each individual activity. This is why BRV puts its employees at the centre of its operations, building partner relationships that are the foundation of reaching specific objectives, making them long lasting, just like our products.

This gives rise to the need to satisfy our customers, to select expert reliable suppliers and, not least of all, to pay attention to the training and safety of our employees who are a fundamental part of this highly articulated system that is a production process with the objective of continuous improvement, to reach the top, at all times.

BRV S.r.l. puts people in the centre of its business,
building partner relationships.


Parts subject to wear for soil tillage, components and accessories

Shares for cultivators

Shares for subsoilers, tine systems and accessories

Flails for stalk mulchers, hammers for mowers

Tines for round bale front loaders

Plough parts subject to wear

Tines for harrows


Industrial Applications

Mechanical transmissions

Lifting systems

Portions of industrial lines for handling and recycling

Petrochemical Industry

Various components – machine parts

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